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Travel and photography, trip organisation, organized trips, holidays and expeditions for adventurers, amazing photographic experiences. Experiences that we deserve. A web portal for travel and photography called CESTUJ A FOT! (Travel and Make Photos!)

Welcome to the website of CESTUJ A FOT!

Many of us have at home a lot of interesting and beautiful pictures both in digital form and on classic films, but other than close friends who have photographic experience, the television or in albums, no one else knows how we felt there and how wonderful it was. This is the reason for this site Web CESTUJ A FOT - telling through images, photographic stories and experiences from travels around our country and getting to know other regions and cultures. To share the atmosphere of a particular moment or that particular time that we were part of. And you can be completely anonymous - just for the fun of it.

And it is up to you how many friends and acquaintances you will recommend, so they can view your photos and possibly panoramas of like-minded photographers - travelers can access from any device and location anywhere in the world the website of CESTUJ A FOT. Share links to these sites wherever they see fit. Show off your Photo stories or soak up inspiration!

To the photographic serials, anyone may add more detailed descriptions made for less knowledgeable viewers to better identify what the pictures are. On CESTUJ A FOT amateurs, just for fun and also experinced photographers publish photos. And it does not matter whether they are taken by cell phone, camera or SLR from negatives.

But where is the borderline between "fun" and "very good"? Nevertheless, it is not essential! It is important that a viewer is interested, that he was enriched, because experience, you rarely forget - nobody will steal it and it will never fade. What's more, thanks to them, your life becomes noticeably better and richer!

Our Services

Sharing photographic adventures and experiences, comments on posts Converting negatives to digital, photo editing, montage and film production from traveling production of large formats of shared photos to hang on the wall Organisation of trips, expeditions and excursions for anyone, traveling anywhere, exploring for each individual according to their desire

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